Want to increase your home’s value? Here are three quick tips.

Posted by David Kanne on Thursday, July 31st, 2014 at 7:06pm.

 Austin is currently experiencing a hot real estate market, with many potential buyers not requiring much of sellers when purchasing their property.  Despite this reality, if you are considering selling your home, consider these following tips to help ensure you receive top dollar for your property:

1)   Talk with a Pro:  First impressions matter.  Therefore, you want potential buyers to have a great first impression of your home.  Accordingly, consider consulting with a realtor or interior designer to do a quick review of your property.  Although it may only result in a few small suggestions (ie: repositioning some furniture, adding color to a room, scrapping outdated designs/materials), it is the small things that matter.  Fortunately, many of these small changes won’t break the bank and will help insure your house sells for top dollar.

2)   Know Your Property:  Purchasing a home is a major decision.  As a result, buyers typically do their due diligence before purchasing a property.  This means that potential buyers will inspect the property in detail, usually with the assistance of a professional.  Don’t be surprised by what the potential buyer could find in your property.  Rather, consider conducting an inspection and fixing (if necessary) any issues that are found.  By doing this, it will help insure your property gets a good bill of health when inspected by the buyer as well as will help avoid the risk of having the buyer ask for a reduction in the sales price due to needed property repairs.    

3)   Reduce Energy Costs:  A home’s energy efficiencies are important to new buyers.  Conducting an energy audit is a great way to determine how to best maximize your home’s energy efficiencies.  Since proof of an energy audit is required for many Austin area homes before it can be sold, getting an energy audit report early in the home selling process (as well as making the necessary changes) will result in a more valuable and marketable home in the long run.     

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