Dog Owners: Top Tips to Help to Sell Your Home

Posted by David Kanne on Thursday, August 30th, 2018 at 2:50pm.

Author: Cindy Aldridge

Dog Owners: Top Tips to Help to Sell Your Home

You’ve got everything in shape to show off your house to potential buyers. You’ve repaired and cleaned up the outside for curb appeal. You also thoroughly cleaned the inside, removed the clutter and each room is staged to show off its ideal use. Your real estate agent has advertised the open house. You’re expecting lots of visitors and, you hope, some offers. But there might be one problem.


What do you do with your dog?


In an ideal world, the dog would act as a co-host in the open house, letting the guests pet her, going with you room to room, essentially showing the visitors how comfortable their own dogs would be in the house. Instead, you might have a dog that barks at everyone who walks through the door, runs away, jumps on every guest or hides and burrows under the blankets of the bed in your perfectly staged bedroom.


You don’t want to put her in the backyard because guests will want to examine it on their tour. Putting her in a crate during the open house is not an option either. Your dog will most likely bark and whimper the whole time. U.S. News suggests that it’s best to have your dog out of the house when you open it for viewings. Putting her in the kennel might be an option, but that can be expensive if a kennel charges by the day. So you need to consider alternatives. Your dog will probably already be nervous enough. She can sense something is about to change because you’ve cleaned the house so completely, and you’ve been meeting with your agent and others. So she’ll need some companionship on the days of your open house.


Some of the best ways to provide TLC are a temporary stay with certified dog walker or dog boarder. A dog walker will be able to give your anxious pooch some exercise and freedom while you show your home to potential buyers. However, if you need an overnight stay, you schedule time with a dog boarder. For example, the average cost of a dog boarder in Austin, Texas, is $35 per night. There are also providers of those services who allow you to check in every half hour or so. Inform the providers exactly why you need their services and that they’ll be short-term. If your realtor has scheduled multiple open house dates until you manage to get an acceptable offer, you can schedule those in advance with the provider.


If you don’t think you’ll need a provider and you’ll be able to take your pet elsewhere for the duration of the open house, consider spending an afternoon at pet-friendly establishments such as Dog House Brewery, Yard Bard or Bangers Sausage and Beer Garden in Austin. Or, you can take a stroll with your canine companion through dog parks including Bee Cave Park or Cedar Bark Park. You can also refer to to find dog-friendly areas near you. If you take your dog to one of the parks, or a doggy day care, make sure she is up to date on all of her shots.


An open house is essential to the selling process. Potential buyers can walk through at their own pace, study everything closely and, if the rooms are staged well, they can get a good idea of what things will look like once they move in. Plus, if you’ve cleaned well, especially the carpets, they probably won’t know that you have a dog. Choosing to have your dog away from the house during a showing not only keeps the dog away from the property, but also  provides relief for you and your pet.


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