Austin's Most Expensive Real Estate

Posted by David Kanne on Monday, December 2nd, 2013 at 11:39pm.

Austin's real estate market made strong gains between this year and last, and the big high rises downtown were no exception.

The buildings on the list didn't change much itself – but their tax values posted gains of between 3 percent and 41 percent.

Austin's most valuable building remains the iconic Frost Bank tower. A surprise on the list is the second lot at 98 San Jacinto Boulevard, the Four Seasons Hotel, which shot up 46 percent from $66.5 million to $93.9 million to a position more valuable than the Chase Bank tower.

The figures in the slideshow to the right are taken from Travis County tax rolls, and so the list doesn't include a few of downtown's most prominent condo buildings. Condo units are valued for the tax rolls individually.

You can see the list of last year's most valuable buildings by single tax valuation here.

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