Ari Gootnick & GreekLink

Posted on Monday, April 7th, 2014 at 4:40pm.


How can I even start to explain this extraordinarily talented young man? Ari Gootnick is from Los Angeles California and is currently a sophomore here at the University of Texas in Austin. When I asked him to tell me a little bit about himself he replied “All I really got to say is that I try to think outside the box. Sometimes the little ideas can be the biggest.” Ari is the co-founder and creator of a new App called GreekLink. GreekLink is a free mobile app that organizes fraternity and sorority social life.  With this app students on campus can connect with one another with the ability to post upcoming events and greek life calendars. For example, if the ZBT fraternity was going to have a philanthropy event at their house they could post the event on GreekLink including the location, the time, and comment with any other extra details. By posting this event on GreekLink every person with the app now knows all the details just by looking at their phone. This should raise attendance at the event and therefore raise more money for whatever the cause.

When I asked Ari how he came up with the idea for GreekLink he explained that his good friend Abz Zeitler had pointed out that there was no platform where students could view and share Greek events on campus. They then sat down together and began creating the initial framework of what is now GreekLink. Ari, Abz, and their good friend Noah Johnson were able to make this idea come to life. “We simply saw a gap in the Greek system and created something to fill it” Gootnick explained.  My last question for Ari was why he thinks every UT student would benefit from downloading GreekLink. He answered that it was simple really. The app connects the University to it's Greek life community. Not only does the app improve organization and communication among Greek students, but it also raises awareness for all students on campus.

I’m telling you people, this kid is going places in life. He is a dreamer, an innovator, and an all around great person. I will end this with some last words from Ari himself “Be cool, and stay funky.”

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