A Sluggish September... Use It To Your Advantage

Posted by David Kanne on Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014 at 9:15pm.

The month of September is officially known as the start of fall.   However, what most Austonian’s might not know is that the month of September is also a historically “slow” month when it comes to real estate transactions.  Specifically, during the month of September, the number of sales transactions taking place in Austin is generally less than during spring/summer months.  For example, in September 2013 the number of single family homes’ sales in Austin decreased by approximately 20%.  While this trend does not signify a slowing in the housing market as a whole (ie: 2014 single family home sales neared the 3,000 mark for a second year in a row), it does mean two things.  First, for sellers, it means that creative marketing strategies need to be utilized to insure their properties standout during this time of the year.  Secondly, for buyers, this “slowing” trend could be the ideal time to enter the housing market as less competition may exists for listed properties.  In either event, use of a skilled Austin City Realty Realtor is imperative to making sure you use September’s slowing trend to your advantage whether you are a buyer or seller.  

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