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Its been famously said that April Showers bring May Flowers.  However, to avoid the taxman from raining on your parade, eligible Texas property owners should timely file for their Homestead Tax Exemption.  After all, the only thing sweeter than the smell of roses come May is the smell of hundreds or even thousands of dollars in property tax savings. 

As a general rule under the Texas Tax Code, the purchaser of a property is eligible to file for a Homestead Exemption when the property is utilized as their primary residence.  However, the property owner must generally file their application for Homestead Exemption between January 1 and April 30th of the year for which the tax exemption is being requested.  With April 30th just around the corner, eligible

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Pop Star Selena Gomez is famous for many things; however, one thing she may not enjoy as a result of her fame is her stalker.  While most people may believe that stalkers only impact the lives of celebrities, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  In reality, stalkers impact the lives of Texans everyday.   As a result, the Texas Property Code allows for a tenant to vacate their lease and avoid liability when the tenant is the victim of certain sex offenses or stalking.

Specifically under chapter 92 of the Texas Property Code, a victim or qualifying relative of a victim has the right to terminate their lease, vacate the property and avoid liability for future rent or other sums due as a result of their termination when the qualifying assault occurred…
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How can I even start to explain this extraordinarily talented young man? Ari Gootnick is from Los Angeles California and is currently a sophomore here at the University of Texas in Austin. When I asked him to tell me a little bit about himself he replied “All I really got to say is that I try to think outside the box. Sometimes the little ideas can be the biggest.” Ari is the co-founder and creator of a new App called GreekLink. GreekLink is a free mobile app that organizes fraternity and sorority social life.  With this app students on campus can connect with one another with the ability to post upcoming events and greek life calendars. For example, if the ZBT fraternity was going to have a philanthropy event at their house they could post the event

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 This past weekend here at UT Austin was the infamous annual Round Up weekend. College kids from all over came pouring into Austin just to get into some of the wildest and most fun college parties in the nation. For 60 years, Round up was affiliated with the University as a spring semester weekend for school spirt, homecoming, and parade events, but since 1990 because of several incidents the University decided not to be affilated any longer. That has not stopped kids from coming and celebrating. UT fraternities book rappers, bands, and DJs to perform day and night all weekend long. Sigma Chi had their yard packed tight with girls and boys to watch names like Waka Flocka and ASAP Ferg perform live. It is truly an unbelievable "college party" experience.…
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Looking for a fun new place to work out? Well look no further because I have the perfect place for you to score your hot bod and feel absolutely amazing about yourself after every workout. Kor180 is a relatively new boutique down on West 5th street with Pilates and a cycling studio. Their focus is on fitness, nutrition, and living an inspired life. Every new client starts out with a free week to get a feel for how these workouts run and if its right for them. To start out you must take a KorFormer 101 class that gets you familiar with the (complicated looking) pilates machine. This class was extremely helpful for me and definitely made me feel more comfortable once I was in an actual fast pace pilates class with those who have taken it before. After…
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Who would have thought that behind the Hole In The Wall in the West Campus would be a cool little restaurant filled with mouth watering Asian food with a big twist. This weekend I had lunch at East Side King. This joint definitely reinforces the theme of "Keep Austin Weird".  It has graffiti murals all over the outside walls and when you walk in the lighting is dim and it has a bar like feel to it. There is also an outside seating area with picnic tables that roll out right on to Guadalupe. The famous Chef Paul Qui and his partner created all the appetizing dishes on the menu. I had one of their Ramen bowls (I mean I am a college kid so Ramen is right up my ally). The chicken tortilla Ramen was an amazing explosion of Japanese, Thai, and TexMex all in…
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secure your austin home on vacationIt is the time of year when the good cheer of Christmas has worn off and it is beginning to feel like the cold temperatures will never improve. To avoid giving into the winter doldrums, many people begin planning their spring break or summer getaways. However, too often all the planning is put into crafting the most perfect escape, and too little thought is given on how to protect the home in Austin which you will be temporarily leaving behind. So, follow our tips to protect your slice of Austin real estate heaven, and make room for losing yourself in worriless vacation bliss instead of spending your trip fretting the small stuff.

6) Install A Home Security System

This can be done now, before your vacation plans are even written in stone, because it

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With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I know many of you guys are stressing out about finding the right gift and trying to plan the best night for your sweetheart. Well not to worry because Austin is filled with amazing restaurants and romantic spots for you to surprise your honey. A big concern for many of you college guys is money and the cost of a special night out. That's fine because most girls, the keepers anyway, care more about being with you, not how much their meal is going to cost. It's more about how you do it, not what you do or where you go.  First, I recommend buying flowers. Some girls might say they don't care much for flowers but deep down every girl will think its so sweet when you show up with a few roses in your hand. Second,…
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  Facebook goes purple for Cancer Awareness Day. If anyone was on Facebook yesterday I am sure they noticed at least one of their Facebook friends with a purple profile picture. One by one every UT sorority girl as well as many of the other UT student's profile pictures were turning bright purple. No, this was not just a new cute and fun social networking trend. The purple profile pictures were posted for a good cause. Chevrolet promised to donate $1 to the American Cancer Society for every purple profile picture in support of World Cancer Day. After spending a whole lot of money on a Super Bowl commercial, I applaud Chevy for their generous donation to this very important cause. My Facebook profile picture was purple and I hope yours was too! 
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Boys, Beers, and Buffalo wings. Yep folks that is the glorious smell of Super bowl Sunday. I would love to tell you that I actually knew what teams were playing yesterday but is that even the point of this great day? Its an excuse for boys to be boys (and some girls to act like boys too). Its an excuse to throw a party and hang out with friends. Its an excuse to stuff your face with junk food and sit on the couch all day. Calling Pluckers yesterday to order some wings was impossible. People were on hold for as long as 30 minutes. The UT boys that I spent the day with had ordered their 150 wings a week in advance. Obviously they knew how to do the Super Bowl right. Maybe some of you went out to sports bars to eat and catch the game but I believe most…
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